Mindfulness Workshop

project Description

A major goal of Spectrum is to meet emerging needs in our community in support of full engagement. In partnership with AWIS, Spectrum was pleased to sponsor a mindfulness workshop via Zoom led by Jacob Aqua, an Emory alum and the founder of Source Wellness. The workshop was intended to offer one form of support to members of the graduate community during the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the longstanding and ongoing epidemic of systemic racism in America.

Source Wellness describes their mission as follows:

We are here to help companies prioritize the mental health of their employees. In fast-paced workplaces, companies often operate in ways that exacerbate stress and mental health issues. Prioritizing the well-being of their employees requires time and concentrated effort by company leadership. Healthy and happy employees not only improve workplace culture, but more productive employees can bring an improved bottom line.

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The chemistry graduate community and the broader STEM community served by AWIS were invited to participate in the workshop.

Project Leadership
  • Graduate scholars Cassie Zaremba and Amber Scharnow on behalf of AWIS at Emory