Climate Survey

Project Description

The Department of Chemistry climate survey was intended to help the department examine factors such as: perceptions of the academic and social environment, ethnic diversity on campus, personal experiences, and general department satisfaction. The survey was developed by Dr. Bentley Gibson drawing on the example of a climate survey conducted in the Department of Chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill.

The climate survey was approved as an exempt study by Emory’s IRB. Surveys customized to faculty, staff, graduate and postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduates were distributed via email in August 2019. Survey participation as a percentage of each population was reported on the Department of Chemistry calendar once pariticiaption for any given group (faculty, staff, graduate and postdoctorla scholars, undergraduates) reached at least 10%.

The results of the survey were analyzed by Dr. Gibson and presented to the community at a Town Hall in Atwood Hall 360 at 10am on Friday, October 4th, 2019. An APA-style overview of the results discussed at the Town Hall is forthcoming.


All members of the chemistry community — including students enrolled for Fall 2019 — were invited to participate. The Town Hall was led by Dr. Bentley Gibson and attended by around sixty members of the chemistry community.

Project Leadership
  • Bentley Gibson, “The Bias Adjuster” and Expert Consultant 
  • James Kindt, Faculty Diversity Liaison
  • Stefan Lutz, Department Chair
  • Todd Polley, Department Director
  • Onix Ramirez, Director of Operations, Liotta Group, Department of Chemistry, and Co-Founder of Spectrum
  • Kira Walsh, Communications and Outreach, Department of Chemistry and Communications Liaison/Co-Founder of Spectrum
Event Sponsors

The Department of Chemistry