Kick-Off Event

Event Description

The Spectrum Kick-Off event featured a ninety minute interactive presentation led by Dr. Ed Lee, Senior Director of Emory’s award-winning debate program, the Barkley Forum. The presentation took place in the Department of Chemistry seminar room, Atwood Hall 360, on:

  • Tuesday, August 27th @ 1pm (pilot presentation)
  • Friday, September 6th @ 9am
  • Friday, September 6th @ 12pm
  • Saturday, September 7th @ 12pm
  • Monday, October 7th @ 8:30am-10am (encore presentation)

During each presentation, audience members were presented with a Spectrum notebook as an invitation to continuing participation in promoting full engagement. The Department of Chemistry continues to gift notebooks to program partners as a tangible recognition of a shared commitment to the ongoing work of promoting diversity and anti-racism.


All members of the chemistry community and university leadership. Attendees included Emory College of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Elliot and Laney Graduate School Dean Lisa Tedesco. Over 120 members of the chemistry community attended at least one presentation, including 22 members of the chemistry faculty. A special thank you goes to Todd Polley who attended every single presentation, from pilot to encore! We are also grateful for the support of the Better Together initiative in Decatur, GA and the Emory Office of Respect.

Event Leadership
  • Ana Cheng, Graduate Ambassador 
  • Bentley Gibson, “The Bias Adjuster” and Expert Consultant 
  • Amanda Marie James, Director of EDGE, Laney Graduate School 
  • Ed Lee, Emory Barkley Forum and “Step One” Program Lead 
  • Onix Ramirez, Director of Operations, Liotta Group, Department of Chemistry, and Co-Founder of Spectrum
  • Kira Walsh, Communications and Outreach, Department of Chemistry and Communications Liaison/Co-Founder of Spectrum
Event Sponsors

The Department of Chemistry sponsored catering for this event to help boost attendance and make it easier for community members to attend by combining the presentation with a meal.